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The Journey Begins Chapter 12 - Gods Of Heaven And Earth
Dream Voices Chapter 7 - Death In The Family
New Friends, New Places
Chapter 6 - Challenges
Chapter 5 - Travelling In China Chapter 16 - Winter Winds
Chapter 4 - My First Visit To China Smoke & Text Chapter 22 - Strange Meeting
Echoes From Past Lives

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Dreaming Of Romance
Chapter 3 - Lost In The Woods Chapter 18 - Huang Aunt Nunnery

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Reading is an important part of my life. When I have read a particularly interesting book I find a home for it on my bookshelf because I know that I shall want to read it again. I have written short reviews of selected books about shamanism and books about China that have a home on my bookshelf.
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Unresolved - A Journey. A book by Stephen Roberts. Describes his experiences living and traveling in Liaoning Province, Northeast China and his experiences associated with visiting Heilongjiang Province, Beijing, Anshan, Qianshan National Park, Da'an Temple, Temple of Heaven, Ditan Temple, Yeutan Temple, Ritan Temple, Tiantan Temple, Great Wall of China, Shamian Island, Forbidden City, Huang Aunt Nunnery and Guanyin Cave with references to Shamanism, past lives, the afterlife.